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New Visions IV

  NEW VISIONS IV ABOUT NEW VISIONS IV The Grant Bradley Gallery is proud to present the latest New Visions exhibition. New Visions is the gallery’s annual open submissions show that aims to represent a broad cross section of the current arts scene in Bristol and the regional area. As an open submissions exhibition, New Visions accepts artwork of all styles and media from artists both local and national. Entrants have submitted up to three pieces to be judged by a panel at the gallery who have scrutinized every piece individually on its own terms and for its own qualities. The final result reflects contemporary thought, social commentary and an exploration of beauty. The show comprises painting, sculpture and photography as well as other media. Open to all and free to visit, we invite you to experience this blend of styles, ideas and personalities. PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Alan Backwell, Anna O’Driscoll, Anna Warsop, Berenice Gayer, Beth Nicholas, Beverley Greig, Bronwen Grover, C.W Osborne, Caroline Leech, Carolyn Lamb, Charlotte Brandon-King, Charlotte Rowlands, Clare Smith, Claudio Ahlers, Cordelia Hutchison, David Mason, Dominic Johnson, Eleonora Martorana, Elisabeth Laessing, Fiona Mackenzie-Spence, Gareth Pitt, Graeme Robbins, Graham Evans, James O’dwyer, Janet Bowler, Jeffrey Lucas, Jem Bowden, Jennifer Amon, Jeremy Palmer, Joachim Seitfudem, Juraj Prodaj, Kate Williams, Lisa Richards, Lyn Harradine, Madia Colella, Maura Zukina, Mel Cross, Moish Sokal, Nadja McDevitt, Nicholas Howden, Niki Hare, Olga Van Rijswijk, Oliver Sidaway, Patrick McGrath, Petra Regent, Rachael Cawley, Rui Yi Hooi, Steven Edgar, Tanya Josham, Valeria Fulop. The Grant Bradley Gallery 1 St Peters Court Bedminster Parade Bristol BS3 4AQ 0117 9637 673...

Nix Nought Nothing album cover

The Storm by Nix Nought NothingPersonal friend and talented musician, Nix Nought Nothing asked me to paint the cover for his new album “The Storm”. Always having wanted to paint a cover for an album I jumped at the chance.“Written and recorded in just 28 days in Brooklyn, New York, and Hampshire, England, the album combines complex and eclectic styles into a body of work that is distinct and whole.” Check out his website to hear some of his music http://www.nixnoughtnothing.com/ ...

Artist in residence interview

Beth Nicholas is working in an Artist In Residents position in England and is allowing us to get an inside view of the role, and her part in it. I thinks it’s a great chance for us to all learn more about ways artists can interact with various communities and in this case a secondary school environment. lets look into whats, taking place. Oh and do you have a question for beth? add it in the comments section at the end of the article so she, I we can respond… perhaps with some encouragement she will add more info over time in other posts, both on her blog and here in other articles.   Read the rest of the interview...

Commission at Bridgewater House, Bristol

A little while ago I was asked to produce a commission for Interior Designer, David Hutton. David’s plan was to enlarge a painting of mine and use it as a feature wall in Bridgewater House, a new office space by the harbour in Bristol. A fantastic project to work on and so exciting to see my work this big! See my project page for full details...

Don’t miss The Energy of Painting

Artists Carl Melegari and Beth Nicholas investigate “the pure energy of painting” in this typically appetising monthly exhibition at Clifton’s Innocent Fine Art. Carl is a talented Bristol painter specialising in powerful, semi-abstract portraits of both the human form and the urban landscape. “I like to explore how the physicality of the paint, combined with the density of pigment, can give a sense of life radiating from the canvas – evoking the vigour of the human form,” Melegari reveals. “My current work is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which explores beauty within transience,” explains Beth Nicholas. “These works travel through ethereal, abstract landscape style paintings into figurative ink drawings that investigate the subconscious.” The Energy of Painting Tuesday, April 1 to Wednesday, April 30, Innocent Fine Art, Clifton Village, Bristol. See listings for details.   Read...

Beth Nicholas

portrait webInternationally exhibited artist Beth Nicholas studied Textile Design at The University of the West of England and graduated in 2004.

From Bristol she moved to London for a little under a decade, working in costume for film, television and theatre and teaching arts and craft workshops to a wide variety of people and children from under privileged backgrounds.

In 2009, Beth was offered a post as an Artist in residence at Wycombe Abbey school for Girls. The residency helped Beth focus and build a strong foundation for her practise, exploring both femininity and textures and introducing her to the concept of Wabi-Sabi.

Returning to London in 2011 Beth was taken on by a well established gallery in West London, Fiumano Fine Art and has been exhibiting in art fairs and exhibitions both nationally and internationally since. This year has seen Beth gain representation by three more galleries, East London’s Curiouse Duke Gallery and Degree Art as well as Innocent Fine Art in Clifton, Bristol.