Artists Carl Melegari and Beth Nicholas investigate “the pure energy of painting” in this typically appetising monthly exhibition at Clifton’s Innocent Fine Art.

Carl is a talented Bristol painter specialising in powerful, semi-abstract portraits of both the human form and the urban landscape.

“I like to explore how the physicality of the paint, combined with the density of pigment, can give a sense of life radiating from the canvas – evoking the vigour of the human form,” Melegari reveals.

“My current work is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which explores beauty within transience,” explains Beth Nicholas. “These works travel through ethereal, abstract landscape style paintings into figurative ink drawings that investigate the subconscious.”

The Energy of Painting Tuesday, April 1 to Wednesday, April 30, Innocent Fine Art, Clifton Village, Bristol. See listings for details.


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